Living a More Environmentally Conscious Life

Living a More Environmentally Conscious Life

To be eco-conscious is to have an active awareness of your choices and how it may impact our planet. It is the practice of identifying ways to reduce waste by making adjustments that fit your own lifestyle.

Conscious living should feel inviting. No need to make enormous changes right from the jump. So how do we begin?


Reflective questions to get you started...

  1. Do I know what kind of reusable products are out there in the market?
  2. Before I make a purchase, is it something that can be borrowed instead?
  3. Is there anything that could be seen as a non-recyclable, but can be?

Here are some answers we’ve come up with...

  1.  Beeswax wrap to replace plastic wrap, wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, washable sponges… you name it.
  2. If it can’t be borrowed, why not keep? Join your local “Buy Nothing” group on Facebook. An eco-community that values giving and receiving.
  3. Soft textiles such as old rags, bed sheets and… yes, undergarments included. Your local community may have services that recycle these items and if not, the internet is your friend.


To live an environmentally conscious life means to be aware, resourceful, and involved.

What changes can you make today?

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