Product Usage & Care

Product Usage & Care


(general care video here)
(deep cleanse tutorial here)


Please be careful when washing knives. Since our mesh fabric is not plastic, extra sharp knives could cut the first layer of the mesh. This will not leave the sponge as unusable, but will alter the look. We recommend placing knives directly in your dishwasher if possible.

It is important that your sponge remains relatively dry when not in use. Do not leave the sponge directly in the sink or in a bowl full of soapy water.

Squeeze or ring water out of the sponge at the end of each use or day. Additionally, please fluff the sponge by its corners to allow for quicker drying.

Depending on your usage, wash your sponge monthly (this is how often conventional sponges are meant to be replaced).

Cleaning Instructions...

Standard wash
  1. Give sponge a quick rinse. Ensure that no large food particles are on it. 
  2. Squeeze out excess water. 
  3. Throw your sponge in your washing machine and set the water setting to hot (we recommend washing your other clothes with this setting to conserve water). 
  4. Throw in the dryer and make sure setting is on medium or high heat.
  5. Half way through the cycle, give the sponge a squeeze (to help disperse some of the moisture from the inside)
  6. After drying, you may need to massage or move the filling around from the outside so that it remains evenly distributed. 
  7. All done! Your sponge is now ready to use again.

Deep sanitation wash (White Vinegar Bath)

  1. Give sponge a quick rinse. Ensure that no large food particles are on it. 
  2. Take out a bowl and fill with equal parts water and white vinegar (1:1)
  3. Place sponge in white vinegar bath for 30 minutes to 1 hour. 
  4. Occasionally squeeze the sponge to allow for the white vinegar to disinfect and deodorize from the inside. 
  5. Repeat steps 2-6 from “Standard Wash” instructions. 
  6. All done! Your sponge is now ready to use again.

We highly recommend purchasing two sponges so that you have a back-up if you cannot wash a sponge right away.


For your convenience, you may keep your wool dryer balls in your drying machine.


After about 100 washes, your wool dryer balls may “weaken” due to long-term use in the dryer. They can become too dry and lose their absorbency power.

However, you can easily “recharge” your wool dryer balls by washing them in cold or warm water in the washing machine. Air dry or machine dry with the next laundry load.


You may use the organic cotton drawstring bag for other things such as groceries. Reduce your plastic usage by placing lemons, tomatoes, onions, or other produce in the bag during your grocery trip.

Cleaning Instructions...

Wash as needed. Turn inside out. Wash with cold water, and low/medium heat.

We recommend ironing around the logo for a polished look.



Napkins can be washed bi-weekly or as needed.

Cleaning Instructions...

Wash with like colors. Wash with cold or warm water. Dry in low/medium heat. Ironing is recommended for a polished look.

Note: If you get a food or beverage on the cream colored napkins and think it might stain, quickly hand wash with cold water and dish soap.


(watch a video here)

If you are planning to refill with us, please wipe the bottle opening and areas of the bottle around the label with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Otherwise, the 2 oz glass bottle may be recycled.


If a differently scented Cleaning Concentrate will be used next, rinse out the glass spray bottle thoroughly. For the spray nozzle, dip the stem in a bowl of water and keep spraying until the previous fragrance is gone. 

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