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Cleaning Concentrate

Most store-bought spray cleaners are bottled up in plastic, made up of 90% water, and contain ingredients that are harmful to us and our homes.

Our multi-surface Cleaning Concentrate is low-waste and includes ingredients that help wash away germs, dirt, grease, and grime—without the toxic chemicals. 

1x Cleaning Concentrate* = 2x 16 oz spray bottles

White Tea + Tangerine

An energizing, sweet citrus scent with a floral subtlety. 

Citrus essential oils are known to be naturally antimicrobial and has shown promising activity against pathogenic bacteria.

French Lavender

A well-loved and familiar fragrance. A calming and classic choice.

Many researchers have found lavender essential oils to be active against bacteria, including those resistant to antibiotics. It is also a natural insect repellent.

Lemon + Eucalyptus

One of our “stronger” scents. Suitable for those requiring a more invigorating cleaning experience.

Combined with the antimicrobial properties of a citrus essential oil, eucalyptus essential oils are regarded as one of the strongest to fight against bacteria.


Organic Castile Soap, 95% Ethanol (190 proof), Tetrasodium Diacetate, Decyl Glucoside, Pure/Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Ingredient list breakdown here.

In-person refills available here.

*Please note, this is a handmade and homemade product that has not been tested or subject to standard inspection by the FDA. This product is intended  for general germ removal and home cleaning. To disinfect or sanitize surfaces please follow a CDC approved method.


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