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Ensō Sponge

In Zen Buddhism, the Ensō symbol is a circle that is brushed with one stroke. It represents the cyclical nature of life, acceptance for what is, and the flow of mind during a creative state.

The Ensō Sponge is 100% plastic-free and was created so that it could one day come back to nature. Each dish sponge is handmade with its own unique differences and is designed with sustainable plant fibers such as hemp, cotton, and Kapok. Long-lasting, machine washable, and perfect for your everyday use.

Designed Fabric + Mesh

Imported from India, our Brushed Stone and Nature's Grid fabrics are made using 50% organic hemp and 50% natural cotton yarn. The neutral tones it gives off is its natural color from unprocessed hempfree from harsh bleaching and chemicals. The mesh part of the sponge is made up of 100% hemp fibers.

Kapok Wool Filled

An underrated fiber that grows naturally on wild Kapok trees. These trees are not farmed nor cut down and grow "wool" in pods. When these pods ripen, they fall to the ground and are then harvested. Kapok wool is naturally moisture and mold-resistant.

Density and sizes vary. Sponges are approximately 4" x 3"

Learn about our sponge replacement policy here.

Watch a video on how to wash your sponge here.

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