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Hemp + Eucalyptus Cloth Napkins

Upgrade your dining space with our handmade, biodegradable hemp + eucalyptus cloth napkins. 

Unlike other cloth napkins that are made with fabric blended with polyester (plastic), ours are plastic-free and are made with 55% hemp and 45% eucalyptus.

These napkins will also save you from purchasing single-use table napkins and may even reduce your use of paper towels. A classy and sustainable investment that eventually pays for itself.


Rising in popularity in the textile industry and for good reason. Hemp fabric production does not require the use of toxic chemicals due to the plant's naturally anti-bacterial and pest-resistant properties. It is also a carbon-negative crop that soaks up CO2 from our atmosphere.

Eucalyptus (TENCEL™)

One of the most sustainable plant fibers out there. Eucalyptus or TENCEL™ is involved in a closed-loop process where 99% of water and solvents are recycled and reused during its production. Similar to hemp, eucalyptus is naturally anti-bacterial.

Sizes may have a slight variation. Approximately 14.5" x 14.5"

Photographed by Anuh Sanchez
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